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A Proven Lawyer For Wage And Hour Claims

There are many ways that your employer can underpay, misclassify or fail to pay you. Mr. Gigliotti will investigate your claim and pursue fair compensation on your behalf.

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An Employment Law Attorney Who Fights For His Clients

At Gigliotti & Gigliotti, LLP, our attorney has protected the rights of employment law clients for over 25 years. Joseph J. Gigliotti is a seasoned employment law attorney for both employees and employers in the courtroom and negotiations. He will help you overcome many types of employment law challenges, including wage claims, retaliation, harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination. From our Lake Forest office, we protect the rights of clients throughout California, including Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

You Do Not Pay If We Do Not Win Your Case

We represent employees in employment law cases on a contingent-fee basis. This means that unless we win compensation for your case, you will not owe any attorney fees. This allows us to immediately start giving you knowledgeable legal representation without upfront costs.

We Know The Courtroom From Both Sides Of A Case

Mr. Gigliotti understands the strategies used by both employers and employees in employment law disputes. This unique perspective lets him quickly recognize liabilities on both sides of the courtroom and prepare an effective case for his clients. No matter what side of the courtroom you are on, you can trust Mr. Gigliotti to get you the best possible outcome for your case.

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We offer free initial phone consultations to discuss your case details and answer your questions. Mr. Gigliotti has flexible hours and will work to find a time that fits comfortably in your schedule. We also have Spanish translation services so you can speak in your preferred language.

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