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Prevailing Wage Law

Under California’s prevailing wage law, construction workers involved in public works projects must receive the minimum required wage. At Gigliotti & Gigliotti, LLP, we know you work hard for your money. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and ensuring you receive the minimum required pay that you deserve.

Are you working on a public works project and not receiving the prevailing wage? Whether you are an individual or part of a larger group of workers, our firm can help. For more than 25 years, we have protected the rights of employees throughout Southern California. Complete our online contact form to request your free phone consultation.

California’s Prevailing Wage Law

Many construction projects in California are handled as “public works” projects ― projects that are funded by the government. Contractors want to be the lowest bidder, and in doing so, they often violate California’s prevailing wage law.

The state of California sets a pay rate for construction workers of all trades. This pay rate is reviewed twice a year and modified, if necessary. Contractors must pay the prevailing wage and are violating the law if they do not pay that amount. Our attorneys provide experienced services to construction workers of all trades who are working on public works projects. Talk to us if you are not paid the prevailing wage while working as any of the following:

  • Laborer
  • Carpenter
  • Drywall installer
  • Electrician
  • Operating engineer
  • Painter
  • Journeyman
  • Teamster
  • Any other type of construction worker in a public works project

Gigliotti & Gigliotti, LLP has extensive labor law experience, specifically in wage and hour claims. We know contractors are motivated to land government contracts and will neglect their own employees in an effort to be the lowest bidder. We are here to protect the rights and interests of construction workers.

Gigliotti & Gigliotti, LLP is dedicated to protecting hardworking Californians. If you are working on a public works project and are not being paid the prevailing wage, we can help. Call us today at 800-560-1081 for a free phone consultation.