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Common Jobs For Wage And Hour Claims

Employment law matters can be frustrating, especially if they affect your pay. If you are facing a wage dispute with an employer, turn to a member of our experienced legal team at Gigliotti & Gigliotti, LLP.

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Do You Work In Any Of The Following Industries?

Though we handle cases for many different types of clients, wage and hour cases frequently arise from a handful of industries. Some of the most common jobs for wage and hour claims include:

  • Restaurant workers (waiters and waitresses, servers, hosts and hostesses, kitchen workers and cooks, bussers)
  • Retail employees (working at clothing and accessory stores, department stores, home goods stores and other retail stores)
  • Technology professionals (members of IT departments, computer repair facilities, engineering)
  • Independent contractors
  • Construction workers
  • Medical technologists

Commissions And Bonus Issues

Many individuals in a variety of service or sales positions who work on commission or receive a regular bonus may find themselves struggling to obtain the money that they have earned. Our firm is dedicated to aggressively representing these individuals while investigating their cases and actively pursuing the commissions or bonuses they are owed.

This is not an all-inclusive list; this is just a sampling of the types of employment in which wage and hour disputes arise. If you are employed in any job or industry, get in touch with our firm to further discuss your situation and potential claims.

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