Experienced Guidance When The Stakes Are High

Sound Legal Counsel For Employers

Employers can face litigation from employees over countless employment law issues. Employment law goes far beyond FMLA, and businesses must be able to overcome many types of legal hurdles. Employers can avoid these problems by working with a knowledgeable attorney.

At Gigliotti & Gigliotti, LLP, we represent businesses throughout California that are facing an employment law claim. From our Lake Forest office, Mr. Gigliotti resolves employment law disputes and represents businesses in litigation. He has experience in state and federal courts and will not hesitate to defend you in the courtroom.

A Capable Lawyer For Employment Litigation

Passions may run high on both sides of an employment law dispute, and a business owner may escalate their case if they do not have legal representation. Mr. Gigliotti will work closely with you to understand all case details and determine your case goals. He uses all available legal strategies, including negotiations and mediation, to avoid costly courtroom battles.

Our attorney represents businesses with many employer labor law issues, including:

  • Wrongful discharge claims
  • Accusations of all types of discrimination
  • Wage and hour claims
  • Retaliation and harassment

A Strategic Legal Partner For Your Business

Our attorney will help you resolve your business’s current dispute and prevent future legal problems. We focus on providing long-term value to our clients and are available for businesses when they have a legal issue. Mr. Gigliotti will help your business create proper documentation and follow best employment law practices.

Our law firm also helps businesses create effective termination plans for layoffs and other abnormal employment situations. We can guide you through every step of the process and help your business avoid expensive claims.

Protect Your Best Interests By Working With Our Attorney

Mr. Gigliotti has represented clients on both sides of employment law cases and will guide you through the process. We offer flexible hourly billing rates and will find an arrangement that works for your business. Call 800-560-1081 or email our law firm now.