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Have you been a victim of indirect discrimination?

With the recent headlines about sexual harassment and discrimination in Hollywood and other high-profile arenas, you may be becoming more aware of what is and is not acceptable in your own workplace. Since many of the current claims that are making headlines contain relatively straightforward allegations about prohibited behavior that is clearly outlined in employment law, it is easy to identify them as violations. However, this is another kind of discrimination that is harder to identify.

My boss demoted me after I got pregnant. Do I have any recourse?

Question: I have worked at the same company as a bartender for the last five years. I worked my way up so that I was getting the shifts that had the best tips (weekend evenings and closing shifts, generally.) I am now five months pregnant and I am starting to show. My boss has suddenly taken me off those shifts and put me only on lunch shifts—where I make far less money. He did this to the last girl who was pregnant, too. Can he do this?