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September 2018 Archives

Residential care workers get pay covering wage violations

On Sept. 17, the California Department of Industrial Relations announced that employees of a residential-based care business will receive compensation for violations related to wage and overtime. The settlement totaled $450,000 for 15 employees. There were also claims of meal violations, and $89,000 related to that remains in dispute.

What work breaks am I entitled to in California?

If you are a worker in the state of California, you are entitled to certain breaks throughout the working day. These break entitlements are set by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to ensure that no workers face exhaustion or suffer due to being overworked. They also ensure that workers are able to eat and keep hydrated, especially during long shifts.

Health care organization sued for overtime pay violations

According to a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of a group of California nurses, the health care system Dignity Health did not pay overtime pay to nurses working shifts longer than 12 hours. The lawsuit says more than 1,000 nurses were affected by the policy.

Walt Disney World workers get pay raise

Workers in California and throughout America have been trying to make $15 per hour the new national minimum wage for several years. While that hasn't occurred yet, workers at Walt Disney World are going to receive that wage by 2021. That was the result of talks between the company and the Service Trades Council Union (STCU). In addition to a $15 per hour wage, employees are expected to receive a $1,000 bonus promised to them earlier in 2018.