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May 2018 Archives

Former employee files sexual harassment claim against Uber

On May 21, a former software engineer who worked at Uber Technologies Inc. in California filed a lawsuit claiming that she experienced years of sexual harassment while working at the company. The female software engineer said that the workplace had a male-dominated culture that included discriminatory, degrading and sexually harassing conduct that was aimed at the female workers.

What are my rights as a pregnant waitress?

Working in a customer-facing job such as in a restaurant can be tough. You face long hours and busy shifts, which can be tiring for the body. But it's how you pay the bills, and when you find out that you are pregnant, you know that you will need your job more than ever.

Employees file pregnancy discrimination lawsuit

A federal lawsuit filed by two former employees of AT&T Mobility could have implications for other companies in California and throughout the nation. The women claimed that they were terminated after missing work because of reasons related to their pregnancy. One of the plaintiffs alleges that she was terminated after missing work to care for her infant son.

Jury awards fast-food general manager $7.97 million

A California jury deliberated for about four hours on May 10 before ordering Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. to pay one of its former general managers almost $8 million. The fast-food chain claimed that it fired the woman for stealing $626 from a restaurant safe, but the jury were more convinced by her attorneys' version of events. They told the jury that the woman stole nothing and was fired after years of faithful service in retaliation for filing a workers' compensation claim.

State Supreme Court passes independent contractor standard

On April 30, the California Supreme Court issued a ruling that could prevent or make it more difficult for companies to treat employees as independent contractors. These workers do not get the same benefits as regular employees. For example, they are not entitled to minimum wage, overtime pay, insurance and workers compensation, among other benefits.

Study brings caste discrimination to the forefront

For South Asians on the job in California and throughout the United States, the ancient hierarchy of caste can continue to lead to discrimination in the workplace. Caste conflict and struggles for equality remain an important topic in South Asian politics, and while issues around caste may seldom be discussed outside affected communities in the United States, they can have a significant effect on work relationships.