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Former NFL cheerleader sues for discrimination

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2018 | Firm News |

California football fans might be interested in learning that a former cheerleader of the Miami Dolphins has filed a lawsuit against the franchise. The plaintiff is alleging that the team and the NFL discriminated against her because of her gender and her religion.

According to the complaint, the woman says that she was held to different standards for religious expression, social media and her references to her beliefs than were the football players. She claims that she was reportedly questioned about the fact that she was waiting for marriage before having sex and was asked to not discuss that she was a virgin on social media.

The woman also alleges that she was questioned after she posted a photograph of her baptism. She claims that the discriminatory treatment by the team against her created a hostile working environment. In March, a former cheerleader with the New Orleans Saints filed a discrimination charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the team and the NFL. She alleges that the social media and fraternization policies for cheerleaders are different than the policies for football players and are discriminatory.

Workplace discrimination that is based on the protected characteristics of others is prohibited under federal and state law. People who have been targeted for discrimination or harassment based on their genders, religions, races, colors, national origins, disabilities, ages or other protected characteristics might benefit by speaking to experienced employment lawyers who may advise their clients about the complaint process. If the employers fail to act when they receive the complaints, the lawyers may help their clients to gather the evidence that they need and to file discrimination charges with the EEOC .

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