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April 2018 Archives

Bills could intensify state sexual harassment laws

Despite the attention that has been drawn to the issue, sexual harassment remains a major concern for many women in California workplaces. This is one reason why several bills are pending in the California legislature to further address the laws related to sexual harassment and employment in the state.

Were you penalized for a workplace discrimination complaint?

When you are discriminated against in the workplace, especially by a manager, it can be a very confusing situation to navigate. You may worry that you are overreacting in regard to the treatment. However, something inside of you tells you that the actions were not right. When you make a complaint about the discrimination that you received, it could be possible that this is met with anger by the perpetrator. As a result, you might suffer further mistreatment.

Former NFL cheerleader sues for discrimination

California football fans might be interested in learning that a former cheerleader of the Miami Dolphins has filed a lawsuit against the franchise. The plaintiff is alleging that the team and the NFL discriminated against her because of her gender and her religion.

Constructive discharge a form of illegal retaliation

Workers in California who expose wrongful or unethical practices on the job may be afraid of the threat of losing their employment. This is one reason that the False Claims Act includes an anti-retaliation provision, making it illegal for companies to fire whistleblowers in response to their actions. In addition, actions like demoting, suspending or harassing employee whistleblowers are also banned by the act's prohibitions.

Employees report years of age discrimination at IBM

According to a recent ProPublica report, IBM has engaged in widespread age discrimination for several years. Some former employees in California might be among those who the report alleges were pushed out of the company for being too old. IBM allegedly used various methods, including forcing employees to choose between relocating or leaving their jobs.