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Man fired after raising concerns about fraud sues former employer

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2018 | Unlawful Retaliation |

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California will oversee the consolidated legal complaints of a man who alleges that his employer dismissed him in an act of retaliation. The man had been involved in a business deal with Roadrunner Intermodal Services when it bought all of stock for Central Cal Transportation in 2012. He also accepted a position to work as vice president of Central Cal Transportation after Roadrunner assumed ownership. His lawsuit aims accusations of failure to pay wages, libel, slander and wrongful termination at Roadrunner.

According to court filings, the man and another business partner expected to receive as much as $4 million. His salary as vice president was supposed to be $200,000 a year. While working as vice president, he found accounting problems and raised his concerns with management at Roadrunner. By April 2015, the company had shown profits for two years, but Roadrunner had not paid the agreed-upon amounts. Roadrunner delayed fulfilling his requests for financial information.

He claims that in February 2016, he received financial records that differed from previous versions. His lawsuit includes allegations that Roadrunner intentionally committed fraud. While in mediation with Roadrunner, the company fired him and only paid him a portion of what he said was owed.

When a person raises legitimate concerns about unlawful conduct at a workplace, the law provides protection from retaliation, such as dismissal, demotion or a pay cut. Advice from an attorney might enable someone to pursue damages when an employer lashes out. An attorney may assemble documentation about the problem and identify the laws violated by an employer. Private negotiation or litigation led by an attorney might result in a settlement.

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