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Lawsuit aims charges of discrimination and retaliation at UCSF

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2018 | Unlawful Retaliation |

A vocational nurse employed at the University of California, San Francisco, has chosen to file a lawsuit against her employer, the UC Board of Regents and the university’s president. According to the plaintiff, she suffered retaliation after complaining that her supervisor sexually harassed her and discriminated against her because of her religion.

A press release from her attorney described an internal investigation that turned into repeated attacks on the victim. The employer wrote disciplinary reviews about things she did not do. Ridicule from co-workers has prompted the woman to cease wearing a hijab. Her attorney said that other complaints have revealed a pattern of hostility toward employees who make complaints at UCSF. The employer opens investigations against alleged victims and seeks negative feedback from their co-workers.

The nurse’s lawsuit directs multiple charges against UCSF, including discrimination because of national origin and gender, failure to protect a worker from harassment, and retaliation. The lawsuit asks for damages and injunctive relief. A statement from a university representative said that the institution takes complaints seriously but cannot comment on the present case.

Complaints at workplaces regarding discrimination or harassment sometimes turn into cases of retaliation. A person who lost a job after making a lawful complaint could have a chance to recover damages for the wrongful termination. An attorney could look at the facts of the case and potentially identify evidence that indicates unfair treatment and retaliation. After documenting the state and federal laws allegedly violated by the employer, an attorney could file a lawsuit. A pretrial settlement could be the result.

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