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Discrimination when hiring employees remains troublesome

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2017 | Firm News |

California residents might like to know about the hiring bias that black and Latino workers face. One meta-study suggests that little improvement has been made over the years when it comes to eliminating this bias.

Researchers at Harvard, Northwestern and the Institute of Social Research conducted a meta-study that reviewed multiple existing studies. The research used 28 studies from 1989 for comparison when looking at how racial bias influences hiring. The results showed that Latinos saw a moderate drop in hiring discrimination while blacks saw no improvement over 25 years.

The 1989 studies included 55,842 applicants and 26,326 jobs. White candidates received an average of 24 percent more callbacks than Latinos and 36 percent more callbacks than blacks. These numbers have changed little over the years. When analyzing the data, researchers also took into account factors like education, gender, occupation and the labor market. These factors did not change the results.

This study suggests many disturbing implications. Even if they’re as qualified as white applicants, black and Latino candidates must struggle more to receive an interview. This results in worse chances of finding a job, fewer offers and less leverage for negotiating a salary. Additionally, black and Latino workers might not get the same compensation and benefits that their white counterparts receive.

While one might suspect employment discrimination, challenges could occur when demonstrating that discrimination exists. Someone facing workplace discrimination might start by documenting instances of harassment and unfair treatment. Finding witnesses also helps. Workers have the right to a workplace that’s free of harassment; however, employers often dismiss claims or punish the parties who file complaints. This retaliation is not legal. A victim may wish to consult an attorney who can evaluate one’s case.