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September 2017 Archives

Ways employers may discriminate against older workers

California employers may make the mistake of treating their older workers differently than their younger ones. However, this may be discrimination, and it could result in experienced workers leaving a company. If that happens, it could be deprived of the talent and knowledge necessary to grow and sustain a viable business. One sign of ageism is providing training and other professional development opportunities to younger works over older ones.

Employee classification important for insurance and benefits

Workers in California may, in certain circumstances, be difficult to categorize as employees or independent contractors. The distinction is an important one when it comes to things like taxes, insurance and retirement savings. Those who are classified as employees are more likely to be entitled to unemployment benefits and reimbursement of expenses as well.

Judge rules against new overtime wage threshold

California employees may be interested to know that a judge has struck down an overtime rule created during the Obama administration. The ruling was issued on Aug. 31 by the same judge who blocked the rule from taking effect one year ago. If it took effect, the new rule would impact about 4 million workers, and it would allow those making up to about $47,000 to be automatically eligible for overtime pay.