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EEOC files lawsuit after Home Depot fires disabled employee

California Home Depot customers may be interested to learn that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accused the company in a lawsuit filed on Sept. 28 of failing to accommodate a disabled worker at an Illinois location. The EEOC claimed that the company then fired the employee after she suffered a disability-related emergency.

Ways employers may discriminate against older workers

California employers may make the mistake of treating their older workers differently than their younger ones. However, this may be discrimination, and it could result in experienced workers leaving a company. If that happens, it could be deprived of the talent and knowledge necessary to grow and sustain a viable business. One sign of ageism is providing training and other professional development opportunities to younger works over older ones.

How to deal with illegal interview questions

The continuing growth of the nation’s economy and the hiring gains this summer point to a bright future, especially when hiring for this year’s holiday season begins. But even with these gains in the marketplace, there are still countless people who may be discriminated against in the hiring process.